Customer Art

A new service offering to enhance or retouch customers' prints, negatives, transparencies and digital photos or to produce a beautiful piece of art from one of their own images.

How many of us have potentially stunning or meaningful photos hidden away on our phones or computers but which are rarely seen, or old negatives, slides and fading prints of our past and ancestors that we would love to revive and remember.

There are three options available:

1: Digitally restore and retouch old photographs, negatives or slides to produce a file or a print as required.

2: Enhance and improve your own digital photos which can then be used to produce a paper, canvas or metal print to your specification.

3: Create a beautiful piece of art from one of your own images and then produce a paper, canvas or metal print to your size requirements. See examples in the 'Digital Art' gallery and where at the bottom there are five painting styles to choose from. If you require something a little different please just ask.

Breathe new life into your photos!

Option 1 - Old Prints Brought to Life

Option 2 - Enhance your Digital Photos

Option 3: Art from your photos
If any of these processes are of interest then use the 'Contact me' page stating which option you would like and I will reply to get more specific information.

Prices for these services are shown here.