This is what customers have said in their feedback about buying prints from
JP-Digitalart or on working with their own images:
I approached Julian with a tricky printing and editing task after receiving a recommendation from a family member. I only had a poor quality image of an oil painting which I wanted to printed onto canvas and framed in a traditional frame. Julian enhanced the image, printed it and sourced a frame in keeping with the style of the print. Julian was proactive throughout and offered solutions to the various hurdles we needed to clear. I am delighted with the finished product. Thank you.
Mr Hector Ahern

I had a collection of old photos of our family from the 50s and 60s as well as some of my mum from the 30s. Julian was able to reproduce, sharpen and clean up the images with the result that I now have a wonderful 'coffee table' book of memories for all to enjoy!
Mrs J Tuke

Excellent service and attention to detail of the client’s needs to create various products based on our own images – our photos printed on aluminium illicit the reaction “wow”. Total dedication to quality across every aspect of the project.
Mrs P D'Arcy

I love what Julian has done, in taking simple photographic scenes and creating artwork that comes to life. We only popped in to have a look at his exhibition and ending up buying two.
Mr G Thomas

Very happy with the service provided and the helpful nature when discussing ideas. You will always get a good result using this company. I am involved in the commercial printing industry and have a 6th sense for all things print and I know Julian wouldn’t accept a substandard result when supplying photo’s and prints to customers.
Mr B Chater

Very quick and easy service. Pain free, good quality and not overpriced. What more can one ask?
Mrs P D'Arcy

10 on all counts!
Mr Steven Dance

The prints are fantastic, thank you. Ordering was easy. Lots of help, advice, timely feedback and answering of questions. Quality is 10
Mr M Stacey

Very helpful and quick in responding.
Ms K Hamill

Very pleased with the quality artwork, the prints look superb and everyone loves the fact they are of local historic buildings by a local artist.
Scoring is all 10s!
Mr M Ollerhead